J S N R Enterprises (100% Organic Products)

Use once and feel the difference preserve the organic quality you deserve Have you ever thought of a world, which is chemical free and organic? Our new social scenario is surrounded by adulteration and pesticides, following this, many diseases migrate to your body. We all need to be rejuvenated. By offering a panacea for these circumstances, anclide Ind labs opens a great door to organic living. The company has a rich heritage in traditional medicine, which has been endowed by their usthad, the mentor. It is our unique feature that: we introduce every product to their usthad, the mentor; it is our unique feature that; we introduce every product to the society after through research and testing. We also understand that the world today needs a little more health concern and we impart the best with organic chemical free products, here, we give you, what we promise with our non-toxic product, we obtain you the natural life with full of vigor and charm. By using traditional methods, we make extravagantly quality products. Use once and feel the difference.

When we assure the products are organic, there are certain questions arising, how the products are made without using any chemical ingredients? The other thing is the credibility, by blending the traditional mixture of ancestral medicines; we preserve your health to a great extent. If it is a fly killer or a medicine, 99% result is offered, without any chemical touch, you can use and prove it this our first step towards nature. Everyone aspire to return to nature. By presenting these major products, we make you dream come true. Come and embrace this organic lifestyle and get better health and peaceful living.

Today our society needs to be refreshed with natural elements. Otherwise, we don’t have a healthy life. To consider this point, we manufacture organic products that enhance the quality of living. Our major products include Gockroach, Terfive, Dr.Fly, Golice and Potheena obtain you chemical fee life.

Cockroaches (Gockroach)

To banish the presence of cockroaches, we are presenting the complete organic product with powerful result. We offer organic quality within seconds and you can use it anywhere, and it will not cause any harm to your health. We have been introducing our products after enough searches and testing. We also assure the result lasting for months. Your valuables are protected with our excellent products and hygiene guaranteed. With our complete Ayurveda solution we give excellent organic quality products. Use the natural pesticides for home and Come into the world of purity and organic way of living.
Two services are available with GUARENTEED CERTIFICATE - Pre Construction Anti-termite treatment and Post Construction Anti-termite treatment.


House Flies (Dr.Fly)

Dr. Fly is 99% organic pest control product that banishes the presence of flies from our surroundings. As the perfect fly remover, our product offers sudden redemption from those flies, within seconds and makes your ambience clean and safe. We all know that flies are the major cause for many transmitting diseases and it also diminishes the cleanliness as a whole. To put an end to these problems our organic pesticide provides the complete panacea and emphasizes healthy living. You can use it anywhere and safely. We promise no harm for your kith and kin and generate a healthy atmosphere with our ancestral quality product.


Termites ( Terfive)

We produce organic and Eco friendly termite remover with simple usage and fast result. You can use our product directly and 99% result offered. The usage is mixing this with water and then applies, within no time all the termites will be banished. Our product has got the capacity to attract the termites and all of them vanish suddenly. Our exceptional quality and organic peculiarity beget our superiority and ensures the return to nature. As the best termite control products in Andhra, We sustain and protect your healthy life with our organic touch of quality. Feel the utmost quality and purity that we not only offer, but give you wholeheartedly. Here is the natural remedy for your unhealthy scenario with our organic termite remover.


Poultry Lice (Golice)

Golice, a pure organic product, clears all types of mites and poultry lice. The poultry lice always have the crucial problem for farmers and common man alike. You can’t use chemicals on your chicken to destroy lice but it may double the effect adversely. Large number of lice cause many problems like weight loss, decrease in egg production etc. all those problems can be solved by using it. Once the lice spread out, it will be hard to control. Before that, you can use the product to destroy it. All that you need to do is, use the product two times in a day. Unlike the chemicals, that gives you immediate result and ensures the destruction of the lice.


Ant Remover (Potheena)

Ant is a biggest problem for homemakers of each house. They can be seen everywhere and usually we use chemicals to destroy ants, but continuous use of chemicals will harm you a lot. To solve the issue, J S N R Enterprises introducing organic medication without any harmful effects. Ensure healthy ambience with fast and lasting result. Use the ant remover in the ant affected area, within no time, ants will be destroyed. Using organic ways to resist such kind of problems will tie ourselves with nature. Start using this organic medication, which elevates your lifecycle to an outstanding sphere.


Mosquito Larva Killer ( Potheena)

Most of the diseases like malaria, chikunguniya, dengue are transmitted by mosquitoes. To get rid of mosquitoes completely, We introduce perfect organic product, potheena. It destroys the mosquito larva, casters a healthy life and it is not at all chemical. Pour the solution directly to the stagnant or polluted standing water (200 ml solution for 10 litre of water), where mosquito larvae origins. The positive result lasts for months.

** 100% Eco – friendly.
** Non Poison, Non Allergic to other including fish, frog, poultry Birds, cattle & Human Being.
** Preserving fresh water sources by Non-polluting.
** No precaution need for using, even children’s can.
** 100 % Effective on mosquito larva.